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The Boogie Men launch their debut vinyl album “The Boogie Men” in July 2024!


It’s been a long time coming.


Bunbury power trio The Boogie Men have been playing their high energy, original boogie rock music around the traps in Bunbury, Western Australia for a few years now.


Their alliance was born from an impromptu jam at a boozy birthday party and since then their reputation has grown surely and steadily.


Although they routinely wow audiences with their striking songs and dynamic live stage appearances they’ve never released a single recording, let alone an album.


Until now.


They’ve finally emerged with a compendium of tracks that have been slow cooked and road-tested to within an inch of their lives. The songs sound mature, full, and most importantly, totally rocking.


The album was engineered by multi-talented boogie man Damon Buckley at Mossop Studios, South Bunbury. It was then sent for the magic treatment, mixing and mastering by sound guru Laurie Sinagra.


Available online, or as a vinyl 12”, the album is littered with catchy riffs, fuzzy guitars, thumping basslines and pile-driving drums. It evokes 60s psychedelia, 70s riffage, 80s pub rock, and 90s grunge.


The Southwest launch is at the premier music venue in Bunbury, the Prince of Wales Hotel on 13th July 2024.



The Boogie Men

Contact: Craig Best


M: 0437 519 430