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Meet The Tonesmiths, a dynamic three-piece rock band dedicated to crafting a sonic journey through the iconic sounds of the 60s to the 90s. With a passion for the timeless classics, they bring their unique energy to the stage, re-imagining the hits of legendary artists like The Beatles, Van Morrison, Crowded House, and many more.

Comprised of seasoned musicians Jeff Cooper and brothers Mikey and Timmy Wiegele, The Tonesmiths combine their talents to create a rich, full sound that’s both authentic and innovative. With a setlist that spans generations, they seamlessly blend the melodic storytelling of The Beatles, the poetic soul of Van Morrison, and the catchy hooks of Crowded House, into a thrilling live performance that resonates with audiences of all ages.

With their infectious enthusiasm and masterful musicianship, they’ll transport you back to an era of great songwriting and unforgettable performances. Join The Tonesmiths on a journey through the golden ages of rock and experience the magic of the music that shaped a generation.