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Scalphunter are stoked to announce the release of their Sophomore album AM I DEAD.
The band collectively wanted to celebrate what they enjoy most about Punk Rock and have tried to recognise and celebrate simplicity and slightly more deft approach to song writing (for Scalphunter 😛) than previous releases.
Alex says “Previously everything we did was as HARD or as FAST as we could do it. And that has served us well, but we are all a bit older and a bit wiser now… well maybe. What we really wanted to do was trying and bring out the best version of ourselves on this record, and that meant pulling things back where previously we would have leant in. Sometimes it meant stripping a song down by pulling out solos or extra “breakdowns” so we could really focus on a vocal melody or celebrate a drum fill. Don’t get me wrong it is still a heavy and very Scalphunter sounding album, but with slight restraint and quite fewer screaming vocals.”
1st single PANIC is streaming in all usual places now.
Recorded at Underground Studios with Brody Simpson (drum production and recording) and Mark McEwen (producer and mixer) over the best part of 2 weeks in July 2023.
Mastered by Scott Middleton (ex Cancer Bats) at High Wattage Cottage, Ontario, CA.
Bunbury Launch Show
April 5th at the Prince of Wales Hotel
with super special appearances from
Silver Lizard